Humble Beginnings

Formed in September 2020, Crawlspace has burrowed its way into the hearts of locals in the Atlanta/Decatur scene. Comprised of Phyl Hilton, Charles Absher, and John Miller, the trio tour coffee shops, retirement homes, and farmers markets across the greater metropolitan area.

Upon first glance, you could think their years of work and experience would have fostered a deep seriousness for their craft. Closer inspection reveals they are having a ball.


Charles Absher

I have been playing music since high school, yes, that is over 50 years ago! And, yes, I am now retired and play music around the Atlanta Metro area. There was a 10-year period when I put down the guitar to earn a civil engineering degree, but it soon became my go to stress reliever as I advanced in my career. 

I have played in Bluegrass, Folk/Rock and Americana Bands throughout my life, both before and after the college degree. Through all that I have continued to compose and perform my own songs. Folks have told me my music is relaxing, easy to listen to, and the lyrics stand alone as compelling poetry.


Phyl Hilton

A long, long time ago, at age 15 I picked up and learned to play guitar with a youth group .... simple chords and simple songs and mostly for enjoyment.  I've always loved music and this love for music brought me together with these two talented musicians. 

My professional background was in  heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. I owned Hilton HVAC for 36 years and retired in 2020. You'll never guess where the name Crawlspace came from. I've been in an out of Crawlspaces. Thought I was done!

Now I'm in a Crawlspace that I can finally enjoy!

John Miller

At age 11 I began playing guitar and learning Beatle songs. This love of folk and rock morphed into a broader study of Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jean Ritchie and a trove of other 60s and 70s musicians.

But work and life as a civil engineer and Navy officer got in the way, and my musical growth hit stasis til I retired for good in 2010. After some years playing at the senior center I helped form 4 Man String Band. But a simpler life beckoned me to join Charles and Phyl to birth Crawlspace. Now, thanks to mentoring from John McCutcheon and Charles Absher I am composing new material.

Hot dang!